Seeking Leviathan

I am just about to publish a book; Seeking Leviathan.

It is mostly photos of cetaceans but contains amongst other things an autobiography explaining how I came to whales, some maps of the locations I sailed and a section called The Business of Whales which contains some of my own thoughts on how to find a whale, whale-watching etc.

At 320mm x 285mm it is a very large book with approximately 400 pages.

It also contains around 140 images, a lot of them double page spreads.

I am hoping we shall go to print in early November but that depends on many things; the results of the first proofs and availability of the print machines among others.

However, if you would like to reserve a copy simply email me on and I shall add your name to the list and contact you immediately it is available.

The cost is £125.00 plus £10 p&p