“For over 40 years I have been writing about eco-tourism, firstly for The Sunday Times and currently for The Daily Telegraph, and in all that time I have met few people in the field that I admire more than Christopher Swann– not only for his professionalism but also for his passion for the whales and their world. As someone who has worked with some of the world’s finest wildlife photographers I have no hesitation in saying that Christopher Swann is right up there with the best of them”

Brian Jackman — Award winning travel journalist.

“Christopher Swann or Swanny as he is known, is one of the most remarkable people I have had the chance to meet.  He is a brilliant photographer and an outstanding cetacean expert.  His personal knowledge of whales, marine mammals and their behaviour is unrivalled.  Once at sea with Swanny, you soon realise why people call him the Whale Whisperer.  His experience and intimate knowledge of marine life enabled me to get quality recordings and material that exceeded all my expectations.  He was instrumental in the success of the BBC Natural History Unit Radio documentary ‘The Sea of Cortez’”

Tessa McGregor — Radio Presenter/Producer

“Swanny’s images are stunning and beautiful, taken by a photographer who has put his heart and soul into exploring, understanding and loving marine life, in particular whales. I have had the privilege of being out at sea with Swanny, looking for and observing whales, and his skills in understanding the sea and whales are unmatched. His photographs are important messages to us about the beauty and wonder of oceans and why we should protect these habitats.” 

Dr Tiu Simila (Norwegian Killer whale expert)

“A journey with Swanny is a life-changing experience. His relationship with the natural world is extraordinary. He has an eye for birds, fish, rocks, sky and sea which will open your eyes to them afresh. But it is for getting his guests alongside whales and other cetaceans that Swanny is justly celebrated.  There can scarcely be anyone else in the world who offers this vivid and extended privilege, and it is one of which one never tires.

The world is divided into two groups: those lucky enough to have gone to sea with Swanny, and those who have missed out. My advice is to get into that first category while the opportunity is there.”

Jonathan Gaisman Q.C.  Client.

For almost 30 years Christopher Swann ran whale watching holidays through his company Oceanus Ltd 

“It’s fair to say there are many companies now offering whale and dolphin watching holidays, but for my money Oceanus offers unparalleled experience. Seeing these magnificent animals is truly amazing, and I can think of no-one better qualified or fun to be with at such a time than Swanny.”

Sean Whyte – Co-Founder of The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

“I can think of few people in the world with as much whale watching experience as Swanny. With his outstanding ability to locate cetaceans, his infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of marine mammals, he is the ideal person to travel and explore with. Oceanus is a model for how such an operation should be run.”

Dr Peter GH Evans — Founder and Director of Sea Watch Foundation

“Christopher Swann is a uniquely talented individual who uses his skills as a sailor to communicate his love of nature. His enthusiasm often appears to be boundless and is certainly infectious. A period of time spent at sea with Swanny is not to be missed, and, for those willing to open their eyes to the world around them, it will be an experience that will be repeated again and again.”

Professor Ian L Boyd — Head of the Sea Mammal Research Unit, UK