Gallery and prints

Christopher Swann’s work has appeared in publications and books around the world; everything from National Geographic to school text books and science papers for presentation to the United States Government.

He has twice been a highly commended finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

A possibly unique factor in his approach is that he finds everything he photographs himself. He does not rely on local operators or guides. He skippers boats, either his own or hired and when he finds animals he also drives the boat as well as taking the photos – a complication when getting in and out of the water!

All the photos take a huge amount of time and effort (and cost) to capture and as it is my main source of income, they are not free.

The images in this gallery are for sale. Images can be printed in a variety of sizes and will be priced accordingly. They are giclee prints on Hahnemuhle fine art paper and are printed by professional photographic printers.

If you would like to buy any please contact me on


For the first ten years or more that I looked at whales I didn’t take a photo, I didn’t want to, I simply revelled in the beauty of it all and when I finally started to take photos I knew something of their behaviour and what to expect; that time of just looking was utterly blissful.

I continue this philosophy and sometimes when I am with animals I just watch, it’s heavenly. It means of course that over the years I have missed many great photo opportunities – three spy hopping blue whales, killer whales ravaging a minke whale just feet away, a Bryde’s whales rising ten feet or more out of the water right beside me in my panga or the humpback whale that for an hour or more lay amongst coral and shell white sand while I snorkelled around it.

When I began to take photos I couldn’t afford a good camera, but in 2006 was finally started on the road by the very great generosity of Jo Wakefield, Bridget Eickhoff and Felix Schmid who gave me my first digital camera.

Running trips meant that my first priority was to my clients and I have lost count of the hundreds of amazing situations I have put them in when I was stuck at the wheel unable to take a photo but it was still fun and kept my ability to drive around animals well honed.

I don’t mind at all those lost opportunities – those were perfectly magical moments never forgotten and are part of the fabric of my dreams.