The Sea of Dreams is a written and photographic account of my time exploring the Sea of Cortes and the peninsula of Baja California looking for wildlife, most particularly cetaceans.

I have been to almost all the islands in the Sea of Cortes along with others including The Revillagiedos 250 miles south of Baja.

The book contains sections on each area with photos not only of the whales and dolphin found there, but the other life including; rays, turtles, birds, whale sharks, sea lions and coyotes.

It is a large book of 320mm x 290mm with almost 440 pages and weighs about 4.8kg.

The price is £135.00 plus P&P

If you would like a copy please contact me on



Seeking Leviathan is meant to be an interesting and fun summary of my life among whales.

It has, among other things, a short autobiography, several of my original charts and facsimilies of my log books. There are decriptions of some specific encounters and various sections with my thoughts on whale watching etc.

There are roughly 150 photos, many of which are double page spreads.

It is a large book of 320mm x 290mm with 380 pages and weighs about 3.5 kg.

The price is £125.00 plus P&P

If you would like a copy please contact me on

Reviews for Seeking Leviathan

Sir David Attenborough. It is truly spectacular and a magnificent tribute to a magnificent and very precious group of animals.

Carl Safina. Your work is stunning, over and over again. I’ve spent enough time with cetaceans to understand a little bit about how difficult it is to get a good photo, let alone one iconic image after another as you have achieved.

Anna and Dermot Flanagan. Wow Swanny! Dermot and I have been blown away by your beautiful book with its breathtaking photographs! You must be so proud to have produced such a stunning publication.

Ann Rosenthal I’ve received the book; it’s FANTASTIC. Beautifully conceived and produced. I hope you feel all the incredibly hard work you must have put into it has paid off…

Rod Bastard Beautifully produced book of stunning photos ….its almost overwhelming. An embarrassment of riches

Rod and Caroline Boreham. What a treat, we can’t wait to read it in depth. After just a quick flick through, we are amazed at the wonderful photographs, words fail us! Congratulations, it is by far the best book of its kind we have seen and we feel very privileged to have a copy

Heather Banks Wow! Wow! Wow! Just finished reading your book — it is AMAZING – I’m so impressed!

Ina Muller I must say this book has surpassed every expectation. Congratulations to this masterpiece!

Juan Lerma and Carmen Moreno. Al abrirlo encontramos un libro MARAVILLOSO!T!!!!!

Eric Welden Your book is so amazing! The photography is stunning and the layout is second to none!

Clarissa Meek I’ve been dipping in and out of your book all weekend and I’m here to tell you it is absolutely GLORIOUS!