I first went under the water as a young man in the Royal Navy because I wanted to be a diver.

It was an experience as far from the coral reefs and turquoise waters of my dreams as it would be possible to imagine, but although it was cold and bitter and unrelenting I became a diver and I fell utterly in love with the sea even in those filthy dark waters.

The sea has been my lifeblood ever since.

Having left the Navy I sailed square rigged sailing ships where I fell in love all over again. Natural fibre rope, sisal, manila, hemp, the deadeyes, blocks and tackles and canvas sails all bewitched me and for several years it was my passion. I found it all undeniably beautiful with an underlying integrity; these beautiful boats were made for work; the ropes were not designed just to look good, the ship and lives depended on them.  I then spent several years diving in the oil and gas fields of the North Sea.

Later running wildlife holidays aboard my own seventy five foot gaff ketch, I stumbled onto whales and my life changed forever.

I have travelled most of the world’s oceans and been to far flung islands and remote corners. I have spent 5 months living on a beach filming killer whales in the sub Antarctic and I have travelled with Inuit in the Arctic when it was frozen solid, but whatever the ocean my great passion are the whales and dolphins that live there.

Now, having run whale watching holidays for 27 years I am having a go at photography. I would like to try and capture some of the miracles and beauty I have lived with for so long.