Baja California is no ordinary land. Sparsely populated, often wild and empty, it has astonishing variety. Canyons cut through colourful stratified rock, white sand sweeps in dazzling arcs around turquoise waters and oasis green the desert. Thousands of miles of dirt road swarm through Baja but eventually all lead to the sea; the Sea of Cortes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
On the Pacific coast hundreds of miles of mangrove and sand dunes are home to a variety of birds. Migrant waders relish the warm winters, ospreys are abundant and pelicans and cormorants crowd remote beaches. Gray whales come here in their thousands every year.

The Sea of Cortes teems with life. On these fabled waters many of the great whales can be found; blues, fin, sperm, killer whale, pilot whale and Brydes whale to name a few. Seething hordes of dolphins streak across silky waters, this is home to whale sharks and sea lions. Schools of mobula rays leap from the water and turtles nest on Baja beaches. It is often calm and there is no light to spoil the night sky.

It is a unique landscape of cardon cactus and boojum trees. Hummingbirds, roadrunners, coyotes, caracaras, rattlesnakes, frigate birds and chuckwallahs are a token of the diversity.

It is a photographers paradise.

Photography expeditions

I have been exploring here for almost twenty years; I know some of its hidden secrets, where to go to see ospreys mating, find blue whales or watch coyotes scavenging.

If you are interested in photography I can provide all that is needed (cars, boats, tents, generators etc) to support you and put you in a prime position to take photos. I can take you to places other people don’t go and show you some of the miracles of the Baja. When you arrive I will have everything ready and there won’t be any time wasted.

If you are interested then contact me on and we can chat and discuss options and possibilities. If you have something particular in mind we can focus on that, if you are not sure what you want I can suggest an itinerary.

I take 1 or 2 people maximum.

The best season for most things is from mid Jan to the end of April.

The cost is £400 per person per day. There are no hidden costs, everything is included except your flights and hotels on arrival (if required).