I first went under the water as a young man in the Royal Navy because I wanted to be a diver and the sea has been my lifeblood for the last forty five years. I sailed old square riggers, dived in the oil fields of the North Sea, spent several months filming killer whales in the sub Antarctic and travelled with Inuit in the Arctic Ocean.

For almost 30 years I ran my own whale watching company, helped with films and research; whales and dolphins were at the heart of everything I did. (It explains the preponderance of cetacean photos on this site).

Slowly, through all that, I came to photography; initially ‘just looking’ was all the delight I needed.

Now I am concentrating on photography, mainly my two passions; cetaceans and the wildlife of Baja California.

My work has featured in magazines and media across the world including National Geographic and I have twice been an awarded finalist in The Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the worlds most prestigious wildlife photography competition.

I still run whale watching trips occasionally for those interested and I am available for talks, film help and photography assistance.

I am based in Baja California Mexico and the west coast of Scotland.